The Drag-Hound is an exercise aid for dogs. It harnesses (literally) a dog’s natural instinct for pulling.

Regular exercise is important to the physical and mental health of our pets. Some owners find they are unable to give their pet the amount of exercise he needs. Exercise with the Drag-Hound will help keep your dog in good condition and happy. Most dogs, not only Huskies enjoy pulling small weights. Only use the Drag-Hound with dogs over a year old.

As a canine behaviourist and dog trainer I meet many owners who complain that their dog pulls incessantly on the lead. This is frustrating and tiring for both dog and owner. With training, most dogs can be taught to walk calmly on the lead. The Drag-Hound is not a substitute for such valuable training.

However, it is a method whereby when in harness a dog can pull to his heart’s content and have a good workout.

Many behavioural problems can be alleviated to some extent by increasing the amount of exercise a dog gets.